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November 5, 2013 - InspiroScan now supports "OR" answers for multiple choice questions!

InspiroScan Version 4.93 adds support for multiple choice questions with more than one distinct correct response. For example:

  • A, C, or D: if a student bubbles in either A, C, or D, InspiroScan will consider the answer correct.
  • B or C: if a student bubbles in either B or C, InspiroScan will consider the answer correct.

For instructions on using "OR" answers, please see the "OR" Answers section of the InspiroScan User Guide.

To download version 4.93 of InspiroScan, go to our Downloads page.

March 5, 2013 - SAT and ACT Prep Module is now available for InspiroScan!

A new SAT and ACT Prep Module is available for InspiroScan, and it will help you to easily conduct SAT and ACT Prep Tests, including support of:

  • SAT Decimal/Fraction/Integer bubble zones
  • SAT style scoring including subtraction of 0.25 points for each incorrect multiple-choice response.

April 3, 2012 - InspiroScan Adopted by a California University

Inspironix now adds University of California, Berkely to its growing list of Inspiroscan customers. The UC system is the pinnacle of California's state education system and Inspironix is proud that its software was chosen by one of these institutions.

We can integrate InspiroScan with your existing data system.

Call 866.684.3669 to learn more!
December 25, 2011 - InspiroScan Standard Test Forms Catalog Now Online

The InspiroScan standard test forms catalog is now online! Browse the catalog to find a standard form that meets your needs.

October 19, 2011 - New InspiroScan 3.3 Processes Forms Twice As Fast!

InspiroScan Version 3.3 utilizes our new StarFlake™ scanning technology that is twice as fast as previous versions of InspiroScan!

Additional improvements in InspiroScan Version 3.3 include:

  • Item Analysis reporting now includes point-biserial correlation coefficients and KR-20, and
  • A new Performance by Question report.
Click here to download the InspiroScan 3.3 Evaluation Copy

April 13, 2011 - Latest InspiroScan Form Creator Improvements

InspiroScan Form Creator Version 1.2.0 gives users the option to create aggregate Form Definitions!

March 29, 2011 - Latest InspiroScan Form Creator Improvements

InspiroScan Form Creator Version 1.1.0 includes the following improvements:
  • Ability to add N/A option to questions
  • Ability to set custom Survey completion thank you text
  • Survey Responses Report now includes Narrative Responses

February 23, 2011 - Collect Survey Data Online

InspiroScan now allows you to collect Survey data online as well as on bubble forms!

February 23, 2011 - Latest InspiroScan Improvements

InspiroScan Version 2.7 includes the following:
  • Improvements to Paper Answer Key features
  • Improvements to Multiple Answer Keys For One Batch
  • Improvements to Color Coding
  • Improvements to Data File features
  • Improved reliability for two-sided forms
  • New Individual Student Responses report, so each student can have a report on their own test
  • Improvements to Score and Item Analysis reports
  • Ability to query on Instructor when reporting on aggregate data

November 3, 2010 - InspiroScan Survey Feature Improvements

InspiroScan now allows you to create, process and report on surveys with narrative (handwritten) questions. Your Excel reports will include a Survey Narrative Response report. Click here for more information about InspiroScan survey features.

October 4, 2010 - InspiroScan Can Now Aggregate Data in a Microsoft SQL Server Database

Inspironix announced today that it has released a new version of InspiroScan that supports data aggregation in a Microsoft SQL Server database.
Read the press release >>

June 3, 2010 - InspiroScan Now Works With McGraw Hill's TABE Software

TABE, which stands for Tests of Adult Basic Education, is a popular software package by McGraw-Hill that is used for adult basic and ESL skills assessment. InspiroScan is now capable of integrating with TABE so you no longer need to use TABE with Scantron! For more information about TABE integration please contact Cary Parkins at 866.684.3669 or

March 10, 2010 - Release of InspiroScan Version 2.4

Inspironix announced today that it has released its newest version of InspiroScan, an OMR (bubble form) testing and data collection system.
Read the press release >>

January 8, 2010 - Online Survey Creator

We've posted our online survey creator so you can see what the survey generation process in InspiroScan is really like. The online survey generator allows users to create surveys such as customer, product, or teacher evaluations. These surveys can then be scanned and processed by InspiroScan.

Click here to create an account and check it out >>
Click here to learn more about InspiroScan for surveys >>

December 31, 2009 - InspiroScan is on Facebook

Check out our new Facebook page and become a fan!

December 9, 2009 - Inspironix Has Partnered With Fujitsu

Inspironix has partnered with Fujitsu to provide InspiroScan users with award winning Fujitsu fi series scanners.
Learn more about Fujitsu scanners >>

November 27, 2009 - InspiroScan Article in the Sacramento Business Journal

Today, the Sacramento Business Journal ran an article about InspiroScan.
"Inspironix launches a test sheet that uses regular paper, equipment."
Click here to read the full article >>

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