Easily grade tests and process surveys with InspiroScan

InspiroScan is an advanced software system for processing bubble forms that is affordable and simple to use - a bubble form is any form where people bubble in their responses. InspiroScan works with standard scanners and multifuntion machines.

InspiroScan is perfect for:

Print your forms, set up your Answer Key, process your completed tests with an ordinary scanner, and be delighted by InspiroScan’s accurate, detailed reports.
Start with our free InspiroScan Form Creator to create your survey, then simply print, scan the returned surveys, and generate reports to get your results.
InspiroScan SAT and ACT brings all the benefits of grading exams with InspiroScan and adds support for Scaled Scores so students can better prepare for their official ACTs and/or SATs.
Fully Customizable Solutions
We understand that no two organizations are alike. InspiroScan is fully customizable, from forms to processing, from reporting to export options, we can customize InspiroScan to meet your needs.

How does InspiroScan work?

Print and Distribute

Print your forms with a regular laser printer and standard paper.

Forms can be completed with pen or pencil.


Scan your forms using a standard scanner with sheet feeder.

InspiroScan's exceptional OMR technology takes it from there!


Review your results and generate reports with the click of a button.

Detailed reports generate in Excel so you can format and analyze the results the way you like

InspiroScan is a cost effective scanning solution

There are other OMR solutions out there, but most of them need special scanners and pre-printed forms, and that is pricey. With rising costs, many organizations can't afford to maintain and replace aging equipment. This is where InspiroScan can help. InspiroScan uses off-the-shelf scanners, printers, and PCs to do the same job for less cost.

InspiroScan can be customized to fit any OMR need, and the forms can be printed from any laser printer. Forget about having to order special forms ahead of time - just print the forms you need when you need them.

Ever go to fill in a form, but you can't find a number 2 pencil? Not a problem with InspiroScan. Our cutting-edge OMR technology can read marks made with almost any writing tool. Ball points, pencils, red sharpies - it's all the same to InspiroScan

Easy to learn and easy to use

InspiroScan is designed to be easy to use, even for the non-technical. Training is fast; new users can become pro's at the system with an hour of training.

InspiroScan's easy to use interface handles all the scanning tasks for you - no separate scanning software is required. Scan all your forms at once, then use the simple interface to correct any mistakes. When you're done, simply click a button to have all your reports generated in Excel.

InspiroScan vs. Scantron and Pearson

Features InspiroScan Scantron / Pearson
Uses low cost off-the-shelf scanners
Easy to use color coded interface for editing scan results
Scan sheets can be fed in any order or orientation
Customizable to meet your unique needs
Customizable form definitions
Scan sheets can be filled in with any writing implement
Scan sheets can be printed from your PC using any laser printer
Can process answer sheets, surveys, and data collection forms
Can be customized to interface with exectuable and web-based applications
Can be customized to interfance with either an existing data system or a custom data system


Trusted by some of the finest institutions in the country

We are proud of working with some of the top universities and governmental organizations in the country. Here are a few that have experienced InspiroScan's ease-of-use and powerful reporting.


How much does InspirosScan cost?

A standard InspiroScan license is $1,699 the first year and $399 on renewal years.

An InspiroScan Multi-User license is $2,599 the first year and $699 on renewal years.

An InspiroScan SAT and ACT license is $4,598 the first year and $898 on renewal years.

The InspiroScan Form Creator website, where you create surveys, is free.

A one hour training session is included with any InspiroScan license purchase. Additional training and assistance with installation are offered via phone and/or web conference for a cost of $99 per hour. For additional pricing details please contact us .

All InspiroScan licenses include reasonable support for users who have attended a training session.

The InspiroScan Survey Campaign Tool starts at $299 per year for up to 12,000 online survey participants. This service allows you to give surveys online.

For additional pricing details please see the Cost Comparison section, the Costs section, or Contact Us.

Can I create my own forms?

Users can create survey forms for InspiroScan through the InspiroScan Form Creator website. Currently exam forms for InspiroScan must be developed by InspiroScan staff.

How do I know if my scanner will work with InspiroScan?

Many dedicated scanners and multifunction machines will work with InspiroScan. Compatible scanners will:

  1. Be able to save in TIFF format
  2. Be able to scan in monochrome / black and white (grayscale may also be compatible)
  3. Be able to scan two-sided (duplex) for scanning double-sided forms
  4. Have an automatic sheet feeder so that you don't have to manually load each page
  5. Be TWAIN compliant. This is only necessary if you want InspiroScan to control the scanner directly. Read more below.

Check the technical specifications for your scanner to see if it meets these requirements.

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