Just set up your Answer Key, process your exam forms (where people have bubbled in their responses) using InspiroScan and an ordinary scanner, and generate reports.

Answer Keys

InspiroScan gives you two options:

Paper Answer Keys

Print out an extra copy of your exam form and fill in the correct answers. Then just make sure you put this sheet first when scanning your stack of exam forms, and InspiroScan will grade all exams against the answers on the Paper Answer Key.

Stored Answer Keys

Create and store your Answer Keys in InspiroScan. Just type in the correct answer for each question, import them from a Paper Answer Key, or import them from a CSV file.

Once your Answer Key is set up, you can use it to grade your exams.

Stored Answer Keys also support:

  1. Multiple Answer Keys – Have different versions of the same exam? InspiroScan has two ways to let you score them all in one batch:

    1. Each person bubbles an A through F Exam Form option on their exam form and then the person scoring the results selects the Stored Answer Key that corresponds to each version of the exam.
    2. Each person bubbles a code on their form and InspiroScan automatically grades each exam against a Stored Answer Key with a name matching the code bubbled in.
  2. Weighted Values – InspiroScan allows you to have questions worth more or less than one point. Weighted values can be up to two decimal places of precision: .25 points, 1.5, points, 2 points, etc.

  3. Tracking areas – InspiroScan lets you track anywhere from one to four areas for each question: a Discipline, a Subject, a Subject Segment, and Subject Subsegment.

    For example, a math exam may cover Algebra, Calculus, and Geometry questions. Questions could be setup in any of the following ways:

    Discipline Subject Subject Segment Subject Subsegment
    Algebra Equations One Variable
    Geometry Word Problem
    Geometry Word Problem Circles Radius

    Once you track anywhere from one to four areas per question, InspiroScan generates reports breaking down how people are doing in each of the areas you're tracking.

  4. Re-grading – InspiroScan has you covered if you realize after grading a batch of exams that there was a mistake in the Answer Key.

    1. You can update the Answer to any question(s), and/or

    2. Change the Weighted Value to any questions(s) – for example, problematically worded questions can be changed to a Weighted Value of 0 so that people's scores aren't impacted

    Then easily re-grade the batch and generate updated reports without having to re-scan the forms.

Question types

InspiroScan supports the following multiple choice answers:

  1. Letter (A-D, A-E, True / False etc.)
  2. Numeric (1-4, 1-5, etc.)
  3. Multiple correct responses (A and D, C and E, etc.)
  4. Or responses (A or D, C or E, etc.)

Assigning points for essays, short response answers, etc.

In addition to multiple choice questions, InspiroScan has the option to assign a specific number of points for one or more questions. An essay could, for example, be out of a total of 6 points and the person grading the exams would be able to assign anywhere from 0 to 6 points.


InspiroScan generates the following reports for exams:

  1. Student Scores
  2. Responses Per Student
  3. Individual Student Responses
  4. Individual Student Responses with Answers
  5. Item Analysis

And the following reports for exams where areas are being tracked:

  1. Performance by Question
  2. Performance by Segment Detail
  3. Performance by Segment Summary
  4. Performance by Segment Per Section
  5. Performance by School (if two or more schools are being reported on)
  6. Performance by Student
  7. Individual Section Scores (for sectioned exams only)

Click here to learn more about these reports and view examples.