With InspiroScan you can process all your forms in one place – exams, surveys, evaluations, SATs, ACTs, and more.

InspiroScan is designed to be easy to use, even for the non-technical user. New users can become pros at the system with minimal training, allowing you to focus more on the results and less on how to get them.

Easy to use
Print your own forms
Grade exams
Grade SATs
Grade ACTs
Collect survey data
Create your own surveys
Process evaluations
Run reports in Excel
Easily export data

How InspiroScan works

The basics

  1. Print and distribute forms
  2. Collect the completed forms
  3. Process the results using InspiroScan and an ordinary sheet-feeding scanner
  4. Correct any mistakes
  5. Generate reports in Excel

It's that easy.

More details

  1. You can use a regular laser printer and standard paper to print your forms.
  2. The people completing your forms don't need to use a special writing tool. Ball points pens, pencils, red Sharpies – it's all the same with InspiroScan's exceptional OMR technology.
  3. InspiroScan works with so many scanners that you may already have one to use with it. If you do have to buy one, there are countless options.
  4. Do you have participants who make partial marks or cross out an answer and then select a different one? InspiroScan makes it easy to update the data it picks up.
  5. InspiroScan's reports can be generated with the click of a button. They are fully detailed, and because they are created in Excel, you are free to modify the formatting and generate charts as needed.

Ordinary scanners

What do we mean when we say InspiroScan works with most ordinary scanners? We mean you can forget about bulky, expensive, unreliable bubble form scanning machines that require expensive annual maintenance agreements.

InspiroScan can directly control any TWAIN compliant scanner with a sheet feeder. Even if you've never heard of the word “TWAIN” before, your scanner may be TWAIN complaint. Learn more.

Don't have a TWAIN compliant scanner? InspiroScan has options for that too. As long as your scanner can create the right kind of file at the right quality, you can still use it with InspiroScan. Learn more.


Whether you're grading basic exams, sectioned exams, SATs, or ACTs, or collecting information on a survey or evaluation, InspiroScan has reports that break down the relevant data, statistics, and scores. Once generated, you have access to all of Excel's existing tools to do whatever you want with your reports.

Learn more.

Easily export data

Need to get the data from InspiroScan into your existing database, statistics software, LMS, or other system? InspiroScan creates a CSV (text) file with the raw data for each batch. It's easy to open a CSV file in Excel or import it into another program.

Customizations are always an option

We want InspiroScan to do exactly what you need and are happy to provide customized setups. From custom reports and pass / fail letters, to direct integration with Item Bank software, Scantron integrated software, SQL Server databases, and more, our dedicated team is here to help. Contact us today to see how we can streamline your grading and/or data collection process.